The new Darkstone logo

The D of Darkstone. new logo.

So after almost 2 years of no new creations, we started again. we stream, chat, create and are clearly present again!
The logo is made of dark glass-like material. the colors wil change when needed.

The darkness radiates from it. oowwww spooky!

Join us @ Discord and follow us @ Twitch.

Pins for hitbit w.i.p.

First printed pins for the sony hitbit msx. now I need just to find a material to make the pin head rubber.

3D printed parts

Or new 3d printer can print msx parts!

For a philips monitor:

Now time to learn 3d drawing and make more parts!

Flat1 in Webmsx!

If you don’t own a msx, then a emulator is a solution.
In the link below you will play FLAT1 demo direct in a emulator online!

Webmsx link: FLAT1 demo

FLAT1 demo

The demo version of FLAT 1 is now available for download.

To make it not easy, this demo version contains level 3.
The game has been written in Kunbasic. We hope you like it!

link to download: FLAT1 

Up comming game : FLAT1

At the moment, Darkstone is developing a new game.
It is in an advanced stage.
Some levels and sound need to be made before it’s finished.
The name of the game is: flat1 . The maze exploring game.

Screen 3

It is a fascinating screen that is not used a lot on MSX. On MSX2 I once made some animations from gif to MSX.

It was a lot of work to set the correct palette for each frame.


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Darkstone logo in Sc8

Still progress on the game Petra.The game is made in Screen 8(256×212 256 colors), so the Darkstone logo should be also.


Upcoming game: Player 1


Part of the intro image is made. The ‘player’ is done. now we need to draw her to game size.

Donation to Bomani

In celebration of Bonami computer and game museum opening a new location, Darkstone has donated a wall painting.
Most people will recognise the concept of the game depicted in the artwork, which looks a lot better in real life.
Checking out the wall painting would not be the only reason to visit the museum though, it has 3000m2 of computers,
consoles and arcade cabinets to enjoy!


Screen 8 art


Drawn on msx in paint4.

MSX: Sony HB-f9P inc. Nowind, sony hitbit mos-1 mouse , 21″crt

Setting: 256×212 256 colors.

Total 10 hours of drawing.

Lost civilization with a Steampunk girl in front.

See the progress @ Lord Zett’s Flickr.


Darkstone present at 16th Bonami Retro Fair

This Sunday, on the 29th of September, Bonami is organising their usual retro computer fair in Apeldoorn again, and it will be bigger than ever.

Of course Darkstone will be attending as well, and to make it easier for you to spot our booth, we’ve had a new banner made for us:

Darkstone booth banner
Darkstone will be easier to spot from afar now with this new banner

Whether you also plan to attend, or want to know when the next Bonami fair is, check out Bonami’s event calendar!
Tomorrow’s event will be held at:

Sporthal Matenpark
Heemradenlaan 130
The Netherlands

The venue is open from 10:00 to 16:00 and the entrance fee is € 2,-. We hope to see you there tomorrow!

Level 1 gfx

Sometimes drawing in a certain style takes too much time and effort to create enough levels for an entire game.

For example the graphics that Lord Zett drew for a possible Darkstone project.

Below you can find “The City”, which was supposed to be level 1 of the project. He’s sharing this on Darkstone for everyone to enjoy and possibly learn from.





Part of the map:


electric power converter

Darkstone has finished designing a component that will be used (among other components) for a much larger project Darkstone’s working on. This finished component is however already available for those interested. It’s an electric power converter that converts 9 volts to 200 volts, to light up nixietubes.

Nixietubes are vacuum tubes containing numbers or other characters which can be controlled by the user. Great components for DIY fans creating new and unique electronic devices! The voltage can be controlled with a potentiometer on the circuit board. It supports a maximum of 10 watts, which is enough for several nixietubes.

For 65 euros Darkstone can create one such circuit board for you, although this price can drop significantly when larger quantities are ordered.